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Gerresheimer company represents its products

Gerresheimer company represents its products

Snap-on bottles

1-(2).jpgNasal sprays help people with colds to unblock their nasal passages. Gerresheimer offers two nasal spray product lines: Spray bottles with nebulizers and spray or pump systems with snap-on bottles or crimp bottles.




2-(1).jpgThe spray and pump system bottles are made of hard plastic and cannot be squeezed. The spray, that is filled in the bottle, comes out after pressing the pump. During the application, the user has to breathe in lightly through the nose. The crimp bottles are equipped with a special aluminum cap. All functions for both snap-on and crimp bottles are the same – the only difference is based on the filling line.




  • Material: bottle HDPE
  • Material nebulizer: Soft material LDPE (squeeze bottle)
  • Sizes ranging from 10 to 30 ml bottles
  • Available in other materials, sizes and designs
  • Spray and pump systems bottles are subsequently equipped with a complex pump-spray system, plus a protective cap
  • Reference to spray and pump supplier on request


Dropper bottles System A

4-(1).PNGOur dropper bottles System A are used for ophthalmic solutions and now available with a blocked TE-ring on the bottle. This was invented based on the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has defined some new requirements for dropper bottles, where the TE-ring has to be blocked on to the bottle. Based on our experience with our existing dropper bottle System B Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging has developed such a solution. It requires only a change in design, as all dimensions, properties and material are kept the same. The existing dropper bottle System A can still be used for stab tests as the change is only on the outside.



  • Material: bottle LDPE / HDPE
  • Sizes ranging from 2 to 360 ml bottles (US TE-ring version only available in 5ml, 10ml, 15ml and 30ml)
  • Available in other materials, sizes and designs



Duma Twist-Off Protect

6.PNGOur US standard container is now also available with the Protect features as an injection blow moulding multilayer solution. The multilayer design of the Duma® Twist-Off Protect container and the US standard Triveni container offers an improved protection against water vapor and oxygen and the container is fully compatible with the existing product ranges.





  • 7.PNGReduced moisture vapor transmission
  • Reduced oxygen permeability
  • Multiple choices for your needs