20th International exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production 20 – 23 November 2018 Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 2, Moscow, Russia

Pharmtech & Ingredients 2017: 18% Growth in the Number of Exhibitors and Display Area

press release
On 21–24 November 2017, Pavilion 2, Crocus Expo IEC, will host the 19th International exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production Pharmtech & Ingredients 2017. The event is held by ITE Group, a leading organiser of exhibitions in the Russian market.

The Russian pharmaceutical industry has entered the phase of dynamic growth. Its rapid development is facilitated both by government support and Russian and foreign investments in the industry. The objective to produce 90% of life-saving drugs by 2018 in Russia may be secured ahead of schedule – to date, this indicator has already reached 65%. The Russian drug market is among the so called fast-emerging markets growing at around 10% p.a. against the background of developed markets stagnation. Last year, drug output in Russia grew by 13.6%. Russian manufacturers invested huge amounts in production, while international drug-makers invested over $1.5 bn in localisation.

Today Pharmtech & Ingredients exhibition is a unique project of major significance to the industry promoting domestic production and cooperation between international innovators and Russian drug-makers.

In 2017, 401 companies from 29 countries are taking part in the exhibition. The display area is 18% larger compared to the previous year and exceeds 16 500 sq.m. 58 companies will make their debut at the exhibition. German, Swiss, and Iranian companies will display their products as part of national pavilions.

The exhibitors’ stands will feature a broad range of production and packaging equipment, lab equipment, design and process solutions for turnkey pharmaceutical production projects, clinical tests, and “clean rooms.” Visitors will have an opportunity to see many exhibits in action. The Ingredients section will feature Russian and international manufacturers of top-end API and functional ingredients currently used to manufacture advanced drugs.

Many exhibitors will display their hi-tech equipment innovations for the first time. Flottweg, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and centrifugal equipment, will present its technologies for the first time: decanter centrifuges, separators, and special-series centrifuges ensuring maximum possible sludge dewatering at industrial water treatment facilities.  A wide model range of Flottweg equipment provides new opportunities for the production processes optimisation.

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH (Germany) will present the most recent modification of the inspection machine to test the lyophilized powders and liquids (HEUFT spotter II PHS). This is a serial model of the fully equipped linear transportation inspection machine used for the high-performance testing of filled and capped bottles.

On 22 and 23 November, Sartorius will demonstrate its high-performance innovative fermentor (ambr® 250 modular) in action. This product is designed for the concurrent generation of mammal and microbial cells in non-reusable vessels of up to 100 – 250 ml.

Marchesini Group will display its packaging machines for beauty and pharmaceutical products: cartridge machine RSF 24, as well as new machine BLA 420CW for Т&T with an integrated scale and homogenizer TURBOMEK 200.

ROLSTECH will display a fully Russian development – Track & Trace system with the software up to Level L4. The line is intended for the automated serialisation and aggregation of packages and is installed after the cartoner machine.

PharmTechnologies will present its biotechnology innovation – new-generation fermentor PharmTechnologies Evio created by the company engineers. The fermentor family will comprise both glass and stainless steel vessels starting from microvolumes up to industrial-scale reactors. All controllers are equipped with a touchscreen with the cloud storage and fingerprint scanner options.

Forintek Holding will announce the multi-purpose system for the labelling, verification, accounting, and aggregation of the drug secondary packaging. The system is intended for the printing of a 2D code and database information, assignment of identification and serial numbers, verification and rejection of the products, accounting of the drugs, as well as for aggregation and track&trace. The system is designed to implement the recommendations and later on, the mandatory requirements issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and stands out for cost-efficiency, functionality, and flexibility in terms of modification and adaptation for the specific customer purposes.

Business Programme

Pharmtech & Ingredients exhibition traditionally includes a large programme of business events that bring together the leading drug industry experts, representatives of government regulatory agencies, and top managers of Russian and international companies under a single industry-wide discussion framework.  The subjects of the “round tables” reflect the most pressing and relevant problems of the industry in the current year.

Round table “Preliminary results of the pilot labelling medicines project” co-sponsored by the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM) will be held on 21 November. The purpose of the event is to discuss the issues associated with the status of the project implemented in the Russian Federation providing for the implementation of the automated monitoring system for the movement of medicines from the manufacturer to the end consumer in order to protect the population from counterfeit medicines and rapidly withdraw counterfeit and substandard products. The list of participants includes representatives of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), Federal Tax Service, drug-makers involved in the pilot project, distributors, as well as labelling equipment manufacturers. The round table will be moderated by Victor Dmitriev, General Director, Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM)

On 22 November: round table “Labelling medicines. View from pharmacies”. The event is co-sponsored by the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organisations (UPPO) and will consider the issues concerning the introduction of labelling systems and the existing experience of healthcare providers, hardware and software, as well as the other practical issues. The round table will be moderated by Liliya Titova, Executive Director, Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organisations (UPPO).

Round table “Contract manufacturing” will be held on the same day. It considers the legislative aspects of contract manufacturing and preferences that encourage drug-makers to engage in and develop contract manufacturing, experience of contract manufacturing management as the least “painful” step on the localisation path.

Representatives of the Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster, Government of the Moscow and Kaliningrad regions will present the region’s cases concerning the stimulation and mobilisation of companies to create contract platforms and mobilisation of foreign investors.

The experts of the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices (FBI “SID & GP”) will present analytical data concerning the key indices of contract manufacturing in Russia and worldwide for 1H 2017: Russian and international drug-makers representatives will share their experience in finding a contracting platform in Russia. They will also present the global penetration strategy in Russia: “contract manufacturing vs localisation: the best choices in the context of changes in the lists of medicines.”

On 22 November, the convention of the 12th International Forum Pharmtechprom will start. The forum will last two days. The programme includes 4 sessions during which Russian and international experts will present their reports:

  • Session A – Raw materials and pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Session B – Technologies and equipment for pharmaceutical production
  • Session C – Packaging equipment and materials
  • Session D – Auxiliary processes in pharmaceutical production.

Round table “Isolator technologies in production of liquid dosage forms” will be held the same day, 22 November. Pharmamixt is the partner of the round table.

Pharmtech & Ingredients will traditionally include the Pharmtech Tutor educational project. The objective of the project is to ensure the acquisition of practical skills by the students of pharmaceutical educational institutions. Students of 8 Russian universities will conduct a mini-internship during the exhibition with the help of the major international exhibitors.

On 24 November Presentation Zone В531 will host the round table “Development of the regulatory system for medicines in Russia, current trends and new challenges; Employment prospects in pharmaceutical industry and regulatory system for young talents.” The round table will summarise the results of the project.

Experts can obtain a free electronic ticket at www.pharmtech-expo.ru.