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Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd : one of the largest producer of Turmeric extract

Vidya Herbs is a pioneering transnational company specialized in the development and the manufacture of high quality standardized natural extracts. With over a decade of experience in the business of botanical extraction, Vidya Herbs has established and carved a niche for itself in the industry.

Vidya is present throughout the Globe: Asia (India, Japan, South Korea), America (USA) and Europe (France, UK, Russia) to provide local service and technical expertise for its customers. Now, Vidya has 7 production units worldwide to offer a wide range of plant extracts and carotenoids.

Vidya Herbs is one of the largest producers of Turmeric extract in India with more than 200MT/year output of highly pure turmeric extract. This is possible with its modern continuous extraction facility which is capable of handling nearly 50MT/day of raw materials for processing.

The Turmeric extract 95% from Vidya herbs is termed as PuremericTM, a unique identity which  follows its own internal quality label system called Full-iD. Turmeric extract is one of the products which has been challenged for its naturality and product genuineness in the market and curcumin monomers are being adulterated and supplied in place of natural curcumin extracts with low price by document falsifications or mixing natural and synthetic curcumin to obtain the 3 peaks by HPLC testing. It is now time to address a reliable quality system which can guarantee a turmeric in its pristine and its natural combinations to the end users meeting all quality parameters, regulatory conformities and a green sustainable concept with a care for future generations.

Full-ID™ allows Vidya’s customer to set the benchmark for supply chain integrity, preventing situations where product placed in the shelf fail to meet the local health standards which may result in product recall leading to financial and credibility costing for customers.

The Full-ID™ system guarantees Puremeric™ as a natural turmeric extract which includes 3 peaks identification by HPLC, C14 and DNA testing to control the naturality and the authenticity, full screening for contaminants like PAHs, heavy metals, aflatoxins, etc. By such rigorous quality control measures Vidya can offer the right turmeric extracts product to its customers. Byhoosing PuremericTM, Vidya’s customers can alleviate their sourcing related concern by leaving the product quality and integrity to Vidya Herbs through the Full-ID™ certified products.

Vidya Herbs’ supply chain is well controlled with a fully backward integrated sourcing system through contract farming that helps to source high quality raw material including turmeric fingers. These raw materials are further screened by analytical and other qualitative methods, all input materials and rhizomes are classified and graded before they are processed by highly innovative and ecofriendly extraction methods that lead to guarantee the best PuremericTM with Full-IDTM certified by Vidya to its end users.

For the sustainability part, Vidya uses high yielding turmeric rhizomes that increase the profitability for the corporate and its farming partners. This turmeric rhizome selection in place avoids intensive farming and helps to protects environment, ecosystems and local people on a long-term basis. Moreover, Vidya is working in partnership with local farmers with hand in hand to ensure full traceability, farmers education, water management system by introducing drip irrigation to save 40% of water when compared with conventional irrigation method, encouraging farmers to natural and ecofriendly plant protection systems like bio-pesticides and fungicides to avoid the usage of chemical farm inputs. Vidya also contributes to the rural development by donation to local people for improving basic infrastructures at schools and providing clean drinking water to local villages.


It is also highly noteworthy that all Vidya Herbs’ branded ingredients including Puremeric™ feature complete, full and transparent backward traceability, certifications and specifications.

Vidya Herbs has standardized Puremeric™ with highly desirable qualities for turmeric extracts overcoming several constraints and challenges in production and seeing to its successful incorporation into end consumer products, either as flavors, colors or as nutraceutical actives.

Puremeric™ Product Specifications

  1. Formulations: Turmeric Extract 6% to 95% Curcuminoids available in Powder/Granules/Beadlets/Oil /Emulsion.
  2. Certifications: European Organic Standard (EOS) Certified by Ecocert France/GMP/ISO/HACCP/KOSHER and HALAL
  3. Quality: 100% Natural Turmeric Extract/C14/DNA Tested/HPLC Profile/Only Ethanol/PAHs & Aflatoxins conformity as per EU regulations.